Will I have a dedicated account manager?

Yes. Our main priority is to assign you with the right expertise for your business. Unlike many HR agencies, we offer a personal HR support service. You will be assigned with an account manager who will be your key point of contact throughout your business relationship with us. The benefit to you is our ability to get to know you and your business very well. It also allows us to personalise our HR support as though we’re your own HR department.

What are your working hours?

From 9-5:30pm (GMT), Monday to Friday, we’re helping our clients. If you need to send us a message out of hours, we’ll do our best to contact you, especially if you tell us it’s urgent. For our AskMabel Advice Line service, call 0203 667 3900 anytime during our working hours. For anything else you can email us or jump on live chat at the bottom of the screen.

What do you mean by virtual team?
When we set up the company, we wanted the very best team of HR professionals to work with us. So MabelHR became an online HR agency and our team work with us remotely, with no geographical restrictions or long commutes. We work virtually, so there is no need for you to kit us out with a desk or an office. We will plug in with the tech you use to power your business and operate like any other team member. Security is important to us so, our data is stored on the cloud using AES 256-bit encryption. We work with a range of communication tools and applications such as G-Suite, Asana and Slack, enhancing our ability to provide you with the best HR support and legal advice. In addition, our AskMabel Advice Line service gives you quick responses to your HR questions simply by making a phone call.
Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not. Before you sign up for our services you will be given a full, clear breakdown of our charges. That’s it. As a rough guide to how we charge, our Startup HR toolkit customers pay a fixed monthly fee + a one-off set up fee for the installation of their HRIS, AskMabel Advice Line has a monthly charge based on the size of your team and our Outsourced HR Services have a bespoke charge, based on company size and complexity of the project.  

How do I know how many hours of support I'll need?

It can be a bit of guesswork which is why we’ve introduced top up bundles for our Startup HR toolkit customers. Additional support hours can be purchased at any time. Time add-on’s are provided in 3, 5 or 7 hour bundles. Any unused time can roll-over to the following month. Add-on bundles need to be used within 6 months of purchase. Talk to us to find out more

Can we hire you on a project basis?
Yes absolutely. If you don’t need ongoing support right now, you can brief us on your specific project, large or small. Our HR consultants can also work alongside your in-house HR representative when they need an extra pair of hands at busy times.
What if I’m not happy with the service?

Tell us! We’re happy when we’re exceeding your expectations. Although our team are brilliant humans we’re not perfect ones. When we make a mistake, we put it right. So when we get it wrong, we need you to tell us. We want to understand the problem so we can fix it.

Any more questions?