We’re a small team with very big ideas

We’ve hand-picked the best and the brightest minds, to work with our clients.
Meet our amazing team.


Sharon, Co-Founder,

Obsessed with creating awesome places to work. HR built for the way we want to work. No rules.


Melissa, Co-Founder,

Works on formulating and packaging our business strategies from a creative perspective.

Jacqui, Business Psychologist,

Management development coach and a strategist with over 15 years of business development experience.


Margarita, Business HR Whizz Kid,

Brings extensive experience in employee engagement, leadership development and recognition strategies.


Andy, H & S,

Our go-to-guy on compliance audits, ISO systems development and general health and safety support.


Alison, Employment Lawyer,

With 26+ years in legal practice, she provides excellent support on any legal aspect of your HR.


Deborah, Recruitment Specialist,

Culture fit drives our hiring campaigns, executive searches, talent mapping and competency testing for your new hires.


Kate, Business Analyst,

Project Management and training specialist, employee development and wellbeing are core to what she does.


Nicky, Business Analyst,

With expertise in evidence based research and statistical analysis to help support our HR recommendations.

Dora, Chief Bone Officer,  

Dora has two years experience in being a great listener. She is always quick to respond, especially for treats.