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A Fresh Start

The first step in working smarter is to get your business organised and put processes in place that support your culture. Following our Discovery Audit, we design the best structures and policies, specifically with your business in mind. From how you manage parental leave, sickness and absence, through to how you measure performance or encourage learning and development. We help you work smarter.

Oh and we’ll make sure you are legally compliant too.

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Your HRIS System

Simplify your people operations, by streamlining your employee data and HR processes within one cloud-based HRIS system.
With a secure online HR system, you can simplify those mundane admin tasks, keeping track of your workforce all in one place. With the flexibility of employee self-service functionality, your team can access and update it anywhere, anytime and from any device.


Even your most talented employees can fail at management, simply because they haven’t learnt the best management styles or team building skills, that would help them be better managers.

Our transformational leadership programmes, help your new or experienced managers, hone their leadership skills and develop into great leaders. Learning from our team of industry experts, we offer engaging staff training programmes, ranging from career coaching, leadership competencies, people management and performance reviews, through to assertiveness and performance management.

Legal Services

Our legal team help you minimise the risks that unresolved HR compliance issues pose to your business. We keep you up-to-date with employment law changes and carry out regular reviews of your employment contracts, employee handbook, policies and processes. Where it’s too late to avoid disciplinary and grievance cases, we can design compromise agreements or guide you through any wrongful dismissal claims. For those times that you need instant access to reliable HR advice or expert legal guidance, get in touch.

Attract, Identify and Onboard

We aim to help you attract and identify the best talent in the market, and then onboard those most suitable for your organisation from your talent pool. Creating authentic job ads, guiding you on how to hold an engaging interview and creating the right first impression with your onboarding programme, are all things we can help you with, making sure your new hires want to stick around.

Culture Books

Culture Books are a valuable recruitment, marketing and onboarding tool for your business. Acting as a guide for your team, new candidates and clients, it helps you to easily project and market your company values and future direction. We produce beautifully designed books to help you promote your culture. Our design and copywriting team will work with you to create something that drives your business to success.

Contact us to find out more.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

When work related stress takes root, leaving the business can become a very real consideration for the individuals involved. Our Mediation and Conflict Resolution services were created to help you with your people management, in creating a safe and unbiased listening ear for you and your team, to openly raise concerns, and work towards a solution.


Strategic HR

A high performing team are a key component in your company success or failure. How, when and where you can work, are all part of the employee experience, which is often the critical differentiator when they’re deciding where to work. We want to help you with your future business planning, by lining up practices that help you attract, grow, motivate and of course, retain the talent you need.

Confidential Services

Do you have a delicate business issue that requires professional advice? Does someone in your team have a problem that’s affecting their health and wellbeing at work? Or maybe an employee is suffering from burnout or work related stress, but doesn’t feel comfortable raising it internally? We specialise in providing you and your team with confidential, unbiased support, designed around improving the health, morale and productivity of your workforce, as well as demonstrating your commitment to employee wellbeing.

Dispersed Teams

A large proportion of today’s workforce are looking for employers who provide the option to work from home. Although our HQ is in Central London, some of our team are also dispersed around the UK, so we can practice everything we preach. Whether in the office, at home or in the great outdoors, we have a range of tried and tested tools, techniques, strategies and team building activities to help your dispersed teams work happily and efficiently.

If you’re based abroad and looking to set up a remote team in the UK, get in touch to find out how we can help.


Outsourced HR Features


HTTPS encryption to ensure all data is secure.


As much or as little support as you need.


Your very own outsourced HR Dept.

Flexible Working

All you need to know on dispersed teams.

Future Focused

HR support that grows with your business.

Self Serve

An HRIS your team can update themselves.

HR Online

We’re paperless, and eco-friendly.


Do you use G-Suite, Asana and Slack? Us too!


Bespoke pricing options based on company size.

24/7 HRIS

Information anytime, anywhere, by any device.


Reliable, legal expertise and HR support.


Stay connected with your team.

Let’s Do This

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